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At Lecards, we print custom business cards in Los Angeles, where we specialize in silk business cards, circle business cards, and square business cards. With many of our unique shapes and die cuts offered, you and/or your business will stand out from others. Our customers who have printed many professional business cards have noticed how effective and attention grabbing their business cards have become when they exchange them with others.

We like to offer the best quality and price to all orders of our premium business cards to make sure they make the best impression at a low price. Here at Lecards, we believe business cards are the most basic marketing tools everyone must carry in the professional world. We also offer plastic business cards with very competitive prices in the market including frosted business cards.

We offer standard business cards and die cut business cards with different sizes, paper stock, and gloss finishes. With these qualities, some costumers have printed some very creative business cards that have gained popularity across the internet and can be checked out on our Facebook page.

Our custom die cut business cards, have a print turnaround time that varies from 1-10 business days depending on shape, paper stock, and special finishes. Ranging our products between circle, square, oval, rectangle, leaf, bullet (half circle), triangle, mini, etc. We encourage you to request our free sample business cards packet in our request samples page to feel and see all of our shapes.

We deal with all of our business cards online to save time, gas, and money for our customers. All our paper printing is done in Los Angeles while also printed in other states of the US to save time and shipping costs. All our custom business cards come with free ground shipping across the US (48 states) and now Canada as well. To get started, click on any of our business card shapes and begin customizing your order.